production on unequal conditions

production on unequal conditions
He added that the consumption of foreign goods with foreign countries contribute to employment and economic prosperity. But people should know that by buying local goods and employment can thrive and help  employment , prosperity and economic growth. He reiterated Iran's network of industrial and mineral associations: Domestic goods in terms of quality, has no problem. Some of the goods but also in terms of quality and durability are better than similar foreign products But the cost of manufactured products  is more than from foreign products . because Producers produced unequal conditions. Pnahyzadh said: the interest rate of Facilities in foreign countries is less than 2 percent. But Iranian producers receive Interest rate facility with 14 to 25 percent. Foreign manufacturers are using new technologies to produce, and that caused their final cost is low. Also, some units in the country, its products are produced with old technologies And this will lead to increased cost savings for the manufacturer's and not cost effective for them. He expressed that productivity is one of the other issues  that do not respect  in the country ,added: Now the energy consumption built-in Production units due to lack of machinery and production lines iIs three to four times the universal standards . The head of Iran's industrial and mineral associations of the network expressed: High energy consumption, the lack of updated machinery and production lines imposes additional costs to the manufacturer. Customs and tax problems are the other issues which must be corrected; the government must provide reform about customs issues, taxation and banking. One of the pillars of economic development is customs and tax reform banking that not yet implemented but if the affairs reform ,many problems of manufacturers will solve. Panahyzadh continued: Currently, the marketing of domestic products will not comply, for these reason foreign goods are replace rapidly to our market .most productive units have no further knowledge of marketing. it must to create and strengthen marketing and advertising besides the production unit goods distribution companies, his emphasis on export-oriented products : product manufacturers must produce coplanar with the international standards. Then we can enter the world markets, Of course in the field of human resources the needs of productivity is not apply. Useful work forces in production units on abroad will do 2 times the work force in the country.
Oct 17, 2012 13:09
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