Steel Industries, an Investment Advantage for the Country

Bijan Panahi Zadeh Zadeh, in an interview with the "Gostaresh San'at Newspaperper" justified investment in the mine industry in Iran.
Bijan Panahi Zadeh Zadeh, in an interview with the "Gostaresh San'at Newspaperper" justified investment in the mine industry in Iran.
The Head of Industries and Mine Association forecasted the future for the steel industries in Iran to be very bright. "High yield on investments in this segment has made it possible for investors to recover their original investment in fast pace – that is why investors are very interested in making investment in this sector" said Bijan Panahi, head of the Association.
Further, Bijan Panahi Zadeh justified investment in the mine industry by saying: Chemical Industries – with so many sub categories have high potential for attracting investments. We need to make precise assessment of these potentials to determine what kind of product – or what industries enjoy advantage over other industries – so we can threw our support behind them.
He also added that high tech industries in Iran have potentials for attracting investments. "We must examine to see what kind of investment will result in high yield – otherwise, we have wasted our capital" said Bijan Panahi Zadeh to the reporter og the Gostaresh San'at.
By citing high potentials that exist for high yield investments in the steel industries in Iran, the head of the Association stipulated that the steel industry has the potential to become the leader industry in Iran due to existence of abundance reservoirs of minerals in Iran and due to the fact that the country is dominating domestic and the international markets. He added that free access to the sea, railroad, air transportations, existence of modern refineries in Iran, abundance oil reserves, all are regarded as advantage for Iran for export of these products.
Panahi Zadeh cited some weaknesses in the alleged industries in Iran by saying that:"we still import some of our primary materials from China or Korea despite the potentials that we have for producing them domestically". He cited that China and Korea don't have oil – but, they import oil and produce such primary materials out of them – then export them to other countries.
Panahi Zadeh stipulated that the country needs to move toward development of high tech industries. He added that investment in particular industry must be made on basis of the advantages that can be derived from that industry – for example, how it can help us to save foreign currency for the country.
May 9, 2012 12:13
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