Committees are the effective strategies to absorb liquidity

Committees are the effective strategies to absorb liquidity

Committees are the effective strategies to absorb liquidity

Head of Mineral and Industrial Associations said that industrial associations and organizations are the most effective way of attracting the wandering liquidity in society.He also said : production units can increase production and improve conditions to attract liquidity in this sector .
Bijan Panahizadeh said that these committees and associations should collect accurate data about lack of liquidity of their following units to absorb the liquidity. He added : now the production units are slow to present statistics and the units’ hidden problems are due to their low activity , because the units do not provide accurate information about themselves for committees.
He continued : nowadays wandering liquidities are not just in people’s hand , but these days large amounts of people’s deposits are in the banks and financial and credit institutions and they are sending them to the parts that are going to be profitable in a shorter time instead of sending them to produce parts.
Chief of Iran's industrial and mineral associations said that this banks’resources should be spent in production sector, and added that it’s necessary for central bank to monitor these banks cost to determine their position in the economy and to clearly defined these institutions and banks establishment aim.

Panahizadeh, with the emphasis on the guidance of people’s wandering funds to manufacturing and industry part said : it should be a good culture to invest these funds in manufacturing part amoung depositors and they should now that in this case, the country's economic would be flourish and the country’s growth will be acceptable and this brings Increases in employment, in addition to GDP growth and self-sufficiency for the country and in this case, the role of committees are very important.
He continued : with the accurate data collection from manufacturing units , we can identify the units which require funding sources and encourage depositors to invest in those units . Producers need to know to start a business , they can take part the economic and productive activities  with collective participation or share in other products factories. 

Publish date:1391/08/27

Nov 20, 2012 12:03
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