The output of investment in the mining sector is equal to 10 fold

The output of investment in the mining sector is equal to 10 fold
Tehran- The head of industrial and mineral association network said

Tehran- The head of  industrial and mineral association  network said : Mining sector average return would be equal to 10 fold and the introducing of opportunities in this area should be targeted. Bijan Panahizadeh in an interview with IRNA economical reporter ,on Monday,  said: economical experts believes that the return in mining sector would be fivefold and Iran, as a mining country, uses this wealth with top features.
He added : last year, all minerals extracted from around five thousand active mine were 340 million tons and it is supposed to be 390 tons in this year.
Panahizadeh added: the investment opportunities conference and exhibition in mining sector which is scheduled to be held in late January in Mosala, should not only be merely holding such events, but the content should be compatible with the name itself and the participants should achieve the expected results.
He noted : the industrial and mining associations give needed information to its members in its data base to inform them about the favorable environment for investment and according to this the suitable opportunities are available for interested members.
This industrial and mining expert believes that exploration license holders who lack financial resources, manpower and machinery, should attended the conference and exhibition that allows them to communicate with the relevant parties, and use this field to provide the necessary exploit.
In his view ,
Today companies in the mining sector of the country have financial, human ,and equipment capacity and could be effective in this field, but they remain uncertainty  and they should be introduced for investment.
Panahizadeh added :
The value of mineral exports during the first eight months of this year totaled $ 800 million at the rate of one billion,while in the same period last year, this was equal to more than one billion and 400 million dollars.

he noted that : This year, eight-month period ending in November, the mineral portion of total exports was to 4. 6 percent, while during the first eight months of 1390 the share of this section was 1. 5 percent.
Chief of Iran's industrial and mineral community network emphasized : What introduced as the risks of investing in the mining sector, related to extraction which is seemed to be 20 to 30 percent, while the operation sector is without risk.
He said :
Studies have shown that the return on investment in the mining sector in the worst case may take five years, however, cases have also witnessed the return of a year, but the period of three to four years is expected.

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