Ways to attract foreign investment

Ways to attract foreign investment
Another point is that the Iranian abroad are encouraged to invest in the country a way to honor their country.

 One of the most important condition in which the investor is encouraged to invest is by having a secure and confident economy as well as the profits in investments. Although the new round of sanctions against the country has entered a new stage, but the numbers and statistics show a that the investments have increased. There are various reasons to that. The fact is that the Asian and European investors realized they have faced a financial loss and Iran in the market. 
In fact, each country is pursuing their own interest and they recognize by following the western sanctions they can lose a good market such as Iran. 
One of other reasons is due to low value of Rials compare to Dollar and Euro. This has encouraged the foreign companies to invest. It's fair to say that this has been good to both Iran and foreign investors. It is convenient and lucrative for investors. Due to advantages of having such ports , shipping, strong and consistent oil and gas specialists, climate and political stability make Iran and good option for investment. The private sector is ready to cooperate with foreign investors and provide them with guidance. publish date:1391/10/25

Jan 27, 2013 10:10
gostaresh sana't |
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