Producers concerned about the future exchange rate and energy carriers

Producers concerned about the future exchange rate and energy carriers
The head of Industrial and Mining Association network by stating that the Rate of energy carriers for the future is the main concerns of manufacturing sectors said: situation’s Rate of this item for the next years should be defined.
Bijan panahizadeh in an Interview with Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA)  said:The manufacturing sector is not  against targeted subsidies law but also agree with it.He added:but productive sectors should know that the exchange of energy carriers in the next year or future years will be how so can have palnning for their full cost of product.
Panahizadeh stipulated : Even the manufacturers don’t know how is the bank profits for future and what is the future exchange rate, bank profitability increased energy carriers.He continued: We hope to continue the subsidies are targeted by mild grade in future. If the price of the currency,banking interest and  energy  Carrier are now transparent and clear definitely we will see less problems in the future for buyers, suppliers and exporters .he said: If we want to reduce unemployment and increase economic growth in non-oil exports we should have a visual aid to the manufacturing sector in the future so to solve units’ problems and  be able to work with the highest capacity.He noted: State capital provide interest rates below 10 percent  so that the manufacturing sector will be active.
Publish date:1391/12/21
Mar 11, 2013 10:21
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